The Ancient and Modern Maya in Guatemala

Discover Guatemala - Land of ancient Maya ruins, towering volcanoes, pristine jungle, abundant wildlife and modern Maya spiritual culture.


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Transportation  There are a wide variety of transportation options in Guatemala although some of them are not safe. Also it is important to consider that although the distances between points may not look very far on a map there are few major highways and most roads are narrow and slow going.  We move people through all regions of the Maya World each day so let our experts tell you what is logistically possible.

Here are just some of the interesting places to visit in Guatemala:

Ancient Maya Archaeological Sites
For sample itineraries ee our Guatemala Excursions page!
** Peten sites: Tikal, Uaxactun, Yaxhá, Aguateca, Seibal, Cancuen, El Peru (Waka), Dos Pilas and Altar de Sacrificios.

** Guatemala Highland archaeological sites.  Ixmiche and Maya Calendar birthplace sites -- Takalik Abaj and Izapa.

Colonial Cities and Modern Maya Culture
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Guatemala City. Visit some of the wonderful museums:

** The National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology:
Pre-Hispanic artifacts from Maya sites all over Guatemala.
** The Popol Vuh Museum:
Extensive collection of pre-Hispanic art and folklore section with indigenous clothing and traditional masks.
** The Ixchel Textile Museum: Vast collection of textiles from over 100 Mayan communities dating 19th century to today.

Guatemala Highlands:  Visit historic colonial cities like Antigua, villages on Lake Atitlan such as Santiago Atitlan and San
Andres Itzapa, and festive and colorful markets in villages like Chichicastenango4 night tours of the Guatemala Highlands from $780 per person.

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