Transportation Options in the Land of the Maya

There are a wide variety of transportation options in the various regions of Land of the Maya. It is important to consider that although the distances between points may not look very far on a map there are few major highways and most roads are narrow and slow going.  For approximate travel times see our MayaMap.



Airport transfers  In any region of the Maya World we can arrange for a safe and courteous driver to pick you up at the airport and transfer you to your hotel or to pick you up at your hotel and transfer you to the airport.  Pricing depends on region and transfer distance.

Private vehicle and professional driver
Hiring a car or van with experienced chauffeur to drive you on the route of your choice is the safest and most comfortable transportation option. We can provide a safe and courteous driver with any size vehicle from sedan to full size bus.  Pricing from $300 per day (depending on region and travel distance).

Public Bus  There are public buses or shuttles that connect all major areas of the Maya World.  Between some points there are comfortable first class buses and in other areas there are only 2nd or 3rd class options.  This is an inexpensive option but very time consuming as the buses usually make several stops along the way.  Safety of travel by bus varies by region.  Bus tickets are almost impossible to purchase in advance from the U.S. and generally need to be purchased once you arrive.  Usually this is not a problem as most buses don't sell out in advance.

Rental Cars  Depending on the region, this can work for local travel but is not necessarily good for going long distances.  If you want to pick up a car in one region and drop it off in another it can be very expensive. For example, if you pick up a rental car in Cancun and drive it to Palenque the one-way drop off charge will be a minimum of $500.  In addition, most rental companies will not allow you to rent a car in one country and drive it to another. For example, you can't pick up a car in Cancun and drive it across the border to Belize.  Important note about rental cars:  Unlike renting a car in the U.S. no major credit card companies cover insurance on car rentals in Mexico and most of Latin America.  You must purchase CDW or LDW coverage (cost of that is in the "fine print" of the rental agreement).  If you decline this coverage and you get in an accident you could be taken to jail until all parties resolve the situation.  Or, if the car is stolen you may be responsible for paying the full value of the car.

Air There are domestic and charter air companies that offer reasonably priced flights betweern some points of the Maya World. Flying can eliminate long days of land travel and allows you to see more sites in a smaller amount of time.

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