Hotels and Accommodations in the Land of the Maya
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"Tips" for booking hotels in The Land of the Maya

There are a wide variety of accommodation options in the various regions of Land of the Maya.  Hotels in all price ranges, all-inclusive resorts and condos and villas.  Important Note: Hotels in all regions of the Maya World can become fully booked months in advance for mid-December to New Year's dates and also the week before Easter.  In addition, if you don't plan ahead the prices can be double the usual prices.  If you plan to travel during the holidays, make your reservations well in advance!  

Cancun & the Riviera Maya: With such a mulitude of choices, hotel websites that can be misleading, TripAdvisor reviews that are often confusing, it can be complicated to decide which hotel or resort in Cancun or the Riviera Maya best meets your needs.  And, if you are a family the cost of accommodations can vary greatly.  Some resorts charge an extra fee for children and some do not.  Also, the policies in regard to at what age a teen is considered to be an adult vary.  Check the "fine print" so there won't be any suprises upon check-out.  In many cases it is more economical to reserve a multi-bedroom villa or condo.

Cancun:  Location is important as some hotels are on great beaches and others are not.  Some are in the "heart" of nightclubs and tourist attractions.  Others are in more quiet locations with less crowded beaches.  When choosing a hotel, the difference between "lagoon view", "partial ocean view" and "ocean view" is important.  Room type/class can also have a huge impact on your vacation experience.  

Riviera Maya:   Most of the hotels in the Riviera Maya are all-inclusive resorts located in isolated pockets along the coast and are designed to attend to all your needs so you don't ever need to leave the resort if you don't want to.  All meals, drinks and some hotel activities are included in the package.  However, because the beachfront area of the properties are used for commuity areas (pool, beach bar, etc.) the hotel rooms are located in the back of the property in the jungle.  In some of the larger properties you need to take a golf cart to get from from your room to beach. These resorts vary greatly in terms of the quality of food and services.  If you want a hotel room directly on the beach there are only a few all-inclusive resorts that offer that.  Some of the smaller boutique hotels offer better beachfront options.  Or, if you prefer a hotel that gives you more independance and is within walking distance of nightlife, restaurants, shops, etc. you need to choose a hotel in Playa del Carmen (in town, not Playacar) or Akumal.

Playa del Carmen:  The main city of Playa del Carmen has a multitude of hotels in all price ranges.  If you like to be close to a variety of nightlife and restaurant options "Playa" is the place for you.  However, noise is a major issue.  Nightclubs "rock" until 4 am and many hotels do not have proper insulation.  The outer neighborhoods in Playa del Carmen are better for those who want a more quiet vacation.

Akumal:  There are a few small hotels on the beach in Akumal and a couple of larger resorts but lodging options are primarily condos and villas.   They offer spacious living spaces, privacy, most are just steps from the beach and have amazing ocean views.  Some are in condo complexes that offer full hotel amenities.  Many of the larger villas have private swimming pools.  Akumal has several excellent restaurants so worry not, staying in a condo doesn't mean you have to cook!  And, from any of these condos or villas it is a short swim or kayak to the nearby coral reef which has amazing snorkeling.

Tulum: Tulum has two types of hotels:  Those in the small village of Tulum that are not on the beach.  And the cabana hotels on the beach outside of Tulum village.  If it is important to you that your hotel is on the beach be very careful when reserving a room in Tulum as some hotels in the village don't inform you that they are a 30 minute walk from the  beach.  Important note for families:  The Tulum beach allows topless sunbathing.

Yucatan Peninsula & Merida: Tourist class accommodations in the Yucatan Peninsula are primarily in the major cities of Merida, Campeche City and Chetumal.  Merida, the capital of Yucatan State, has the most hotel options in every price range and is a well located base from which to explore the archaeological, historical, cultural and natural sites of the area.  The finest luxury hotels in the Yucatan are the beautifully restored "haciendas".  Elegant estates occupied by the upper classes during the Spanish colonial period.  Take a step back to a time in spacious well appointed suites while still enjoying the amenities of a modern resort.

Palenque & San Cristobal de las Casas: Hotel choices in Palenque are somewhat limited.  There are very inexpensive "camping" bungalows, several cheap but "funky" small hotels, and a few decent mid-range choices.  As far as luxury hotels go, there is only one and it only has 7 rooms so it is best to book that well in advance no matter what your travel dates are.  Note:  All hotels in Palenque are always fully booked months in advance for mid-December to New Year's dates.  If you plan to travel during the Holidays, plan well in advance!  San Cristobal de las Casas is another city center in Chiapas that has many hotels, most of them budget to mid-range.  There are also some very nice, upscale, boutique hotels.  As the city is in the mountains having heat or a fireplace in your room is more important than having a/c.

Tikal: Hotels in Tikal vary from rustic jungle lodges in Tikal Park to budget hotels in Flores to upscale hotels on Lake Peten.  There are 3 hotels in Tikal Park and there is the advantage of staying directly in the park.  But they do not have a/c and to conserve energy they turn off the electricity at night.  There are several budget/midrange hotels in Flores if you don't mind being 45 minutes from Tikal Park.  On Lake Peten there are a couple of very upscale choices.

The Guatemala Highlands: Beautiful colonial Antigua has numerous hotels in all price ranges.  Most are in old historic buildings that have a lovely colonial ambiance but room quality can vary greatly.  Some of the better hotels are in wonderfully restored former convents. Note:  If you plan to go during Easter you must plan well in advance as rooms in Antigua are usually fully booked months in advance.  Further west is gorgeous Lake Atitlan, which has budget and mid-range hotels in Panajachel and across the lake in some of the small villages.  There are also some very nice luxury options on the lake.

Belize: The mainland of Belize has beautiful jungle lodges located in lush pristine tropical locations.  Choices range from simple to upscale luxury.  Offshore, on the Cayes, accommodations range from simple bungalows on the beach to luxury resorts. There are also many apartments or condos with full kitchens that are perfect for families. With world class diving on the world's 2nd largest coral barrier reef (including the legendary "Blue Hole") and easy access to amazing snorkeling it is a prime vacation destination in the Maya World.

Copan: There only a few hotels in Copan, most of which are budget hotels located in downtown Copan.  Aside from that there are only a couple of mid-range choices and one slightly more upscale property located outside of town.  Because of the limited choices we suggest reserving your hotel in Copan well in advance.

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