Dzibilchaltún - ¨Place of the stone writing¨
Location: Yucatan, Mexico
9 miles north of Merida, 85 miles from Chichen Itza, 209 miles from Cancun
Can be visited as a shore excursion for cruise ship passengers docking at Progresso port



Dzibilchaltún is considered by some to be a mother city of the Maya because of its long history. The Maya lived here constantly from 300 B.C. up to the Spanish invasions. There are over 8,000 buildings within a 10 square mile area that are yet to be excavated. The finds here show us the changes in Mayan culture over a long period of time, making this site extremely valuable to people studying the history of the Maya.

At the Mayan ruins of Dzibilchaltún we see a superb example of the understanding of astronomy possessed by the ancient Maya. Dzibilchaltún has a structure that is unique in the Maya world because the top platform has an unobstructed view of all points east to west. Twice a year, on the Equinox, the rising sun shines through the portal in the Temple of the Seven Dolls, showing us how they incorporated this understanding into their architecture. This has become an international event attended by many people from around the world.

There are interesting walks on trails throughout the reserve which give you an idea of the fragile environment while identifying the different flora and fauna. The museum at Dzibilchaltún is also well worth seeing. In it you will see the Seven Dolls that were found on an altar in the temple named after them. The museum´s collection helps one to understand the early Maya and show the advancement of their skills and beliefs over the millenniums.

On your visit here you will also see the cenote Xlacah. A species of fish found only in this cenote´s waters give us insight into the diversity of nature at Dzibilchaltún. The water lilies make it a picture perfect place to sit and take in this age old place of quiet contemplation.


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